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Beberibe – Morro Branco

The city of Beberibe is considered a little piece of paradise and is located 82km from Fortaleza, with the access to this destination through state highway Ce-040. Beberibe is a redoubt of beautiful, cheerful, relaxed people, which find it beaches a refuge to the weekend agitation or even after a day’s work. With a nice structure and support to the turist, Beberibe offers hotels, inns, restaurants and stands that stretch along the main beaches of its coast.

Even though the main attractions are at it beaches, this city still pursues a scenographic beauty it is countryside, which in some place semi-precious stones may be found, however not explored. One other place worth seeing is the Pirangi river, which fills during the rainy season, flooding the locals lives with happiness.

But the beaches are what grabs most attention in Beberibe presenting a natural beauty which fascinates the visitors with its dunes with different shades of color ranging from white to a soft red. In some beaches, lush coconut groves surround along the coast, while in others lakes will share space with the ocean. There are also famous cliffs that embellish part of this coastline. The beaches that belong to the city of Beberibe are Tabuba, Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes, Diogo, Uruau, Barra da Sucatinga, Ariós, Prainha do Canto Verde, Praia do Paraíso e Parajuru. The options are endless. There will not be a lack of destinations for you to see and venture. 

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