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The beach of Flecheiras is a fishing village with a good structure of hotels and inns, that range up to 5 stars. It pursues a calm sea and one of the most exuberant views of the region.

It is an ideal beach to relax or enjoy buggy rides and sports such as sandboard. Hidden behind coconut groves, stretches the quiet beach of Flecheiras, located in the county of Trairi.

The name comes from an old custom from the native indians that lived in the region, in which they fished in clear calm waters with a bow and arrow. A good touring option is to take a stroll along the beach at sunset, observing the rafts that dock on the sand.

Tourists can see the handcrafted fishing done in the fish pens. This fishing method consists in capturing fish with nets according to the variation of tides. There are also blue lakes among the dunes and other natural attractions that are worth mentioning.

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