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 Informações Básicas

  1. Required two (2) years of qualification;
  2. We offer 24-hr Assistance.
  3. EURO RENT A CAR’s daily rates are valid for 24 hours, with 1-hour tolerance period;
  4. Following the 25th hour, the additional hour charges will apply based on 1/6 cost of the daily rate, including the 1-hour tolerance period;
  5. Fuel not included, must be returned at same level of quantity;
  6. Client is responsible for all and any offense to the National Code of Traffic;
  7. Client’s greatest participation in case of loss will determine the deductible cost of rented vehicle.
  8. We do transfers to/from Airport/Hotel at the rate of R$ 20,00 during business hours, and R$ 30,00 after business hours and in the case of FEDERAL HOLIDAY the rate is R$ 50,00. The parking fee at airport shall be paid by client in the case of return at airport.
  9. The rates are integral items of the rental agreement and may be modified without previous notice;
  10. Service Fee: 5%.
  11. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Master, Diners e American Express.
  12. A hold is placed on the credit card for the deductible amount of vehicle as a pre-authorization, to be removed at return of vehicle. Company Affiliated to Acla(Ceara Association of car rental companies) and Abla (Brazilian Association of car rental companies), which guaratee our quality and safety to our clients and partners


 Summary of Terms and Rental Conditions and Other Provisions

  1. Daily rates are calculated in 24-hour consecutive periods, counted from the hour and minute of the start of rental. Following the course of the last 24-hour consecutive period there will be a 1-hour courtesy period for the return of the VEHICLE, as long as the VEHICLE is returned during the regular hours of operation of the EURO RENT A CAR store in which the returns will take place. If the courtesy time limit is exceeded, there will be and hourly charge correspondent to 1/6 of the daily rate. The extra charges will be counted from the first minute following the stipulated return time. 
  2. The Protection does not cover Theft or damage to accessories (Audio, Wheels, Tires, Glass, lights, mats, keys, vehicle documentation, anti-theft, hub-caps, etc); 
  3. The Protection is only valid upon submission of a Police Report and an Internal Accident Report;
  4. In the case that the vehicle is returned extremely dirty, a cleaning charge will be applied;
  5. During the return process by the CLIENT, a revision will be done of the external conditions of the vehicle, taking into consideration that it is a quick passthrough revision seen by naked-eye, however before being sent to a new location, the vehicle will go through a technical revision at a specialized shop. If any defects or damages due to misuse are identified, such information will be notified to the client, in which such shall cover the costs within 5 days subject to fines and/or fees and/or charges for late payment;
  6. I authorize a debit to my credit card or other form of payment for the costs related to the vehicle rental, damages, and any traffic fines;
  7. By signing this document, I agree that I have received the vehicle in perfect conservation and working conditions and I am coherent and bound by the terms and conditions of the RENTAL CAR AGREEMENT, which was handed to me at the rental store of pick-up;
  8. In the case of misuse, recklessness or negligence towards the rental vehicle, or if it is delivered to unauthorized third party, you will lose the right to any of the contracted protections.

 Procurement of Fines:

  1. Client and driver (s), hereby constitute and appoint their representation to the rental company: EUROLIMA LOCAÇÕES DE VEÍCULOS LTDA, to sign in their name the driver’s/offender’s submission in cases of general traffice fines, originated and practiced during the terms of this agreement, pursuant to art. 257 § 7 and 8 of the Brazilian Traffic Code and CONTRAN Resolution 149, September 19, 2003.- 2 Years of Driver’s License Required;