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Through the dunes of the west coast of the state of Ceara, about 300km from Fortaleza, you will encounter one of the most unique places on Earth: the beach of Jericoacora. In 1994, this beach was considered one of the most beautiful in the world by the Washington Post Magazine. Jericoacora, known as Jeri offers a unique natural beauty that attracts all of its visitors. Since 1984, Jericocoara has been an area of environmental proctection-APA. Therefore, many of its characteristics have been preserved, maintaining the fishermen village protected by the law and not allowing the construction of roads through the village. In order to reach the destination, the last 15km is travelled either in a 4×4 vehicle or a in a special tour bus. It is from that point on that one of the most amazing adventures begin, especially if done at night. The starry night serves as a natural blanket of the white dunes which reflect the light of the moon. The small fishermen village used to be isolated until 1985, when it was discovered by the tourists and became famous. Today, Jericoacoara congregates a mixture of natural beauty and diverse cultures is part of its heavenly scenery. Another reason for it to be considered a paradise and to be visited is that the place gathers many different scenes in one single place, like its rolling dunes, lakes of crystal waters, mangroves, coconuts, cove beaches with calm seas, ocean beaches with waves, rocky beaches, caverns, etc….

There is also a great charm in the architecture of the restaurants and bars, hotels and inns all around the town. Visiting Jericoacoara is like being in deep contact with nature, living a range of varied and unfogettable emotions provoqued by the sensation of freedom transmitted by the place and by the exuberant beauty of the blue ocean and calm waters, the dunes that surrounds the village and meets the ocean, the unforgettable sunset, the paths of preserved sand, the happiness of its residents, the sounds that rocks the nights of Jeri, the smell of warm bread at dawn, making these just a few of the many attractions that make this place one of the best travel options. Jeri is worldwidely know and its characteristics make it special among many other places. There is much to do and visit in this paradise. The activities are countless and it suits people of all ages. Presently, the beach of Jericoacoara has an infrastructure that meets the needs of who is in search of relaxation and also a place to have fun. You can find great, well-structured and cozy inns with excellent service that will provide a calm and pleasurable stay. The options suits all tastes and you will most definitely find something that fits perfectly what you look for.

After a delicious breakfast, you can start the day with a walk through the beach, when the tide is still low, to the famous Pedra Furada; one of Jeri’s postal cards. This course can also be done by horse or wagon, making the trip even more exciting. There you will come across a natural monument sculptured by the wind and sea. It is a surprising and fascinating place. After the trip, the next option is to stay at the beach and enjoy the ocean that beautifully hugs the village of Jeri; there will always be enough shade and coconut water. It is necessary to recharge your energy and let yourself be taken over by the magical atmosphere that is surrounding.

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